Capella De La Torre /K.Bauml-Air Music -Tales Of Flying..(cd,2019)

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Novo,u celofanu,od ovlašćenog zastupnika za Srbiju,garancija,račun na vaše ime
Besplatana dostava za iznose veće od 2000 dinara,plaćanje preko računa ili pouzećem

The third album of the successful cycle of elements by The Capella de la Torre. For their recordings with Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, the ensemble and conductor Katharina Bäuml have been awarded numerous prizes all over the world. The second album in the series “Fire Music” received fantastic reviews. Now the Capella de la Torre continues her musical engagement with the »Four Elements« with the album “Air Music”.

The musicians played fascinating works by composers such as Claudio Monteverdi, Michael Praetorius, Thomas Ravenscroft and Anthony Holborne, but also by unknown composers. Instrumental and vocal pieces from the 15th to the early 17th century are on display, all of which revolve around divine winds, mythical and feathered aerial beings. In the first chapter, “Gone with the Wind”, the “west winds” of English renaissance composers like John Sheppard (Missa “The Western Wynde”: Gloria) and Thomas Campion (The Peaceful Western Wind). The second chapter is dedicated to the breath and finds its echo in the works of Holborne (Galliard: The Sighes), Ludwig Senfl (Laudate dominum omnes gentes) and Monteverdi (Dolci miei sospiri). The habitat of winged beings turns out to be the third chapter, in which u. a. Canaries (Thoinot Arbeau / Praetorius: Canaries), the nightingale (Monteverdi: Dolcissimo uscignolo), but also an angel (Luca Marenzio: Nuova angioletta sovra l’ale accorta) are sung in the plays. In the chapter “Winds Brides”, Aura, as the Greek goddess of the morning breeze, also performs (Girolamo Frescobaldi: Se l ‘aura spira tutta vezzosa), followed by artistically composed “castles in the air” by Holborne (Pavana), by Cipriano de Rore (Nell’aria in questi di) and by Pierre de la Rue (Autant en emporte le vent) open. Another varied recording full of hear worth discoveries!



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