Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxymoreworks(cd digipack,2023)

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Format: CD
EAN: 0196588441127
Edition: Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Style: Electronic
Release Date: 03/11/2023
Description: ‘Oxymoreworks’ is a collection of collaborations with other artists covering a wide range of electronic genres. The nine-piece work includes reworkings of tracks from Jarre’s 2022 album ‘Oxymore’. Each track was composed and produced by Jarre in direct collaboration with the respective artist, resulting in a distinctive new version that showcases the shared artistry of both musicians. Jean-Michel Jarre said of the collection, ‘Oxymore held a special place in my heart as it embarked on a truly unique sonic journey. With the deep joy of collaborating with other artists, similar to my previous project Electronica, I wanted to create a new perspective on my music. I reached out to musicians who I believed would add a fascinating dimension to each track with their diverse talents. Oxymoreworks is a testament to the art of collaboration, a vibrant collection of musical dialogues’. ‘Oxymore’ was released in October 2022. Conceptually, it is his most ambitious and groundbreaking album to date, and the first commercial release of this scale to fully utilize multichannel and binaural sound (spatial 3D). Jarre produced, composed, recorded and mixed in 360-degree audio at Radio France’s ‘Innovation’ studios.
No Of Discs: 1
Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre
Record Label: RCA
MPN: 19658844112
Release Year: 2023
1-1 Brutalism Take 2
1-2 Epica Extension
1-3 Brutalism Reprise
1-4 Epica Take 2
1-5 Synthy Sisters Take 2
1-6 Epica Maxima
1-7 Sex in the Machine Take 2
1-8 Zeitgeist Botanica
1-9 Zeitgeist Take 2



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