Kansas/Original Album Classics (CD5)

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Novo,u celofanu,od ovlašćenog zastupnika za Srbiju,garancija,račun na vaše ime
Besplatana dostava,plaćanje preko računa ili pouzećem
Prvih pet albuma

1-1 Can I Tell You
1-2 Bringing It Back
1-3 Lonely Wind
1-4 Belexes
1-5 Journey From Mariabronn
1-6 The Pilgrimage
1-7 Apercu
1-8 Death Of Mother Nature Suite
1-9 Bringing It Back (Live)

Song For America(1975)
2-1 Down The Road
2-2 Song For America
2-3 Lamplight Symphony
2-4 Lonely Street
2-5 The Devil Game
2-6 Incomudro – Hymn To The Atman
2-7 Song For America (Single Edit)
2-8 Down The Road (Live)

Point Of Know Return(1977)
3-1 Point Of Know Return
3-2 Paradox
3-3 The Spider
3-4 Portrait (He Knew)
3-5 Closet Chronicles
3-6 Lightning’s Hand
3-7 Dust In The Wind
3-8 Sparks Of The Tempest
3-9 Nobody’s Home
3-10 Hopelessly Human
3-11 Sparks Of The Tempest (Live)
3-12 Portrait (He Knew) (Remix)

4-1 Carry On Wayward Son
4-2 The Wall
4-3 What’s On My Mind
4-4 Miracles Out Of Nowhere
4-5 Opus Insert
4-6 Questions Of My Childhood
4-7 Cheyenne Anthem
Magnum Opus
4-8.1 Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat
4-8.2 Howling At Midnight
4-8.3 Man Overboard
4-8.4 Industry On Parade
4-8.5 Release The Beavers
4-8.6 Gnat Attack
4-9 Carry On Wayward Son (Live)
4-10 Cheyenne Anthem (Live)

5-1 It Takes A Woman’s Love (To Make A Man)
5-2 Two Cents Worth
5-3 Icarus (Born On Wings Of Steel)
5-4 All The World
5-5 Child Of Innocence
5-6 It’s You
5-7 Mysteries And Mayhem
5-8 The Pinnacle
5-9 Child Of Innocense (Demo Version)
5-10 It’s You (Demo Version)




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