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Sade – This Far(6LP box,2020)

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Diamond Life
A1 Smooth Operator 4:58
A2 Your Love Is King 3:40
A3 Hang On To Your Love 5:54
A4 Frankie’s First Affair 4:38
A5 When Am I Going To Make A Living 3:25
B1 Cherry Pie 6:20
B2 Sally 5:20
B3 I Will Be Your Friend 4:43
B4 Why Can’t We Live Together 5:27
C1 Is It A Crime 6:18
C2 The Sweetest Taboo 4:35
C3 War Of The Hearts 6:47
C4 Jezebel 5:30
D1 Mr Wrong 2:50
D2 Never As Good As The First Time 5:01
D3 Fear 4:05
D4 Tar Baby 3:58
D5 Maureen 4:22
Stronger Than Pride
E1 Love Is Stronger Than Pride 4:16
E2 Paradise 4:01
E3 Nothing Can Come Between Us 4:21
E4 Haunt Me 5:48
E5 Turn My Back On You 6:05
F1 Keep Looking 5:20
F2 Clean Heart 3:59
F3 Give It Up 3:49
F4 I Never Thought I’d See The Day 4:12
F5 Siempre Hay Esperanza 5:16
Love Deluxe
G1 No Ordinary Love 7:19
G2 Feel No Pain 5:08
G3 I Couldn’t Love You More 3:49
G4 Like A Tattoo 3:37
H1 Kiss Of Life 5:49
H2 Cherish The Day 5:32
H3 Pearls 4:33
H4 Bullet Proof Soul 5:24
H5 Mermaid 4:22
Lovers Rock
I1 By Your Side 4:34
I2 Flow 4:34
I3 King Of Sorrow 4:53
I4 Somebody Already Broke My Heart 5:01
I5 All About Our Love 2:40
I6 Slave Song 4:12
J1 The Sweetest Gift 2:18
J2 Every Word 4:04
J3 Immigrant 3:48
J4 Lovers Rock 4:13
J5 It’s Only Love That Gets You Through 3:53
Soldier Of Love
K1 The Moon And The Sky 4:27
K2 Soldier Of Love 5:57
K3 Morning Bird 3:54
K4 Babyfather 4:39
K5 Long Hard Road 3:00
L1 Be That Easy 3:39
L2 Bring Me Home 4:06
L3 In Another Time 5:04
L4 Skin 4:14
L5 The Safest Place 2:43


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